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German Autolabs is a pioneer in automotive voice AI. Its Automotive Voice Assistance platform offers a full stack conversational solution for the mobility sector. With its retrofit hardware, Chris, the digital co-driver, German Autolabs bypasses automotive development cycles by leveraging deep domain knowledge of driver behavior through the biggest connected fleet on the road. The fully offline-capable platform provides customizable whitelabel technology solutions for automotive, fleet management, insurance and aftermarket consumer electronics. Powered by German Autolabs, businesses take disruptive voice products and solutions to market, fast.

The core team

Holger G. Weiss

Holger G. Weiss

CEO & Managing Director
Baver Acu

Baver Acu

Daniel Mieves

Daniel Mieves


Interview with Holger G. Weiss

Interview with Holger G Weiss in a car

What inspired you to found your startup?

I live in Berlin and traffic here is exhausting. There was this day when I realized that I was using my phone almost constantly while creeping from one red traffic light to another. And of course I knew it’s illegal and very dangerous. I was wondering why there was no real solution and started to dig deeper. Shortly after I met Patrick, a real product enthusiast. He had immediately a passion for solving the problem. From that time onwards we developed Chris together – the digital co-driver.

What problem does your product solve?

It’s not allowed but everybody does it – using your smartphone while driving. We solved the problem by developing Chris – an intelligent, connected mobile device that enables drivers to send and receive messages or emails, listen to music, get the latest navigation updates, and make and receive phone calls using speech and gesture technology – all streaming through their car speakers.

How are you doing good and building a better future?

I think in our case that’s easy – short and mid term we will help to avoid accidents and casualties by making driving safer. Prospectively we want to become the assistance while being on the move that knows about your general condition, your cognitive status and helping you with everything which you need to stay well and organised.

Where do you see your company in 1/5/10 years?

In one year Chris has been launched in 2-3 markets, speaks 2 languages, company has 40 people. In five years Chris is way smarter, speaks more languages and more services are connected to the platform. More and more people using Chris as software-only as they have connected screens in their cars. Some carmakers planning to build Chris into their next serial cars. In 10 years the company has 150 people and could be part of a bigger corporation due to acquisition.