Chris finally hits the road

March 13, 2017
Svenja Borgschulte

All companies were started with big dreams. This is what we had: we wanted to make driving pleasant, distraction-free and valued through Artificial Intelligence. Our dreams have been realized: we finally announce Chris – your digital co-driver.

Reaching for the phone to text or make calls while behind the wheel is illegal in many US states. But it is still very commonplace. Why? The answer’s simple: we are the head-down generation, addicted to content and digital communication (read why people won’t stop using their smartphones while driving).

This is no new phenomenon though. There are already some solutions on the market to make safe smartphone use while driving possible. Unfortunately however, most in-car solutions are not at all helpful yet. And some just don’t function as well as they ought to (read about the experiences with CarPlay). Some products and technologies even distract you while driving, rather than making sure you are free to focus on the road ahead.

Being able to make phone calls and compose texts quickly is essential on today’s culture, even when behind the wheel. So, with our help, you don’t have to put your connected life on hold in order to drive safely. We solved the problem by developing a smart AI-device: Chris.

Digital co-driver

To say Chris is a refreshingly easy to use hardware optimized for in-car use is a truth in itself. It’s also so more than that: Chris has a brain like a human and adapts to learn over time every driver’s unique needs. Chris is designed to support you, and let you connect to your digital life while you enjoy the open road. So you are free to use Chris for calling, messaging, email, music and for navigation just by innovative speech and gesture recognition while the device’s display makes the interaction part easier than ever. Safely place the smartphone away out of reach and still get all the benefits from your apps and services. Sounds ideal right? It really will make driving fun again.

The intuitive advanced technologies (AI and NLP among others) offer a unique and very human-centric user experience. This is total break from anything that comes before, positive interaction in the car that reduces distraction and makes every drive smarter and safer.

Chris hits the road – on March 28th

We are launching Chris on Kickstarter on March, 28th. This will be the first time that we unveil the device to the world! You’d have to be mad to miss it! Stay tuned – it’s getting exciting.

Svenja Borgschulte
Svenja Borgschulte
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