From foldable screens to the future of automotive

November 12, 2019
Rory Dickenson

CES 2020 is almost on us, so we sat down with Holger to find out what he’s looking forward to.

Q: What can you tell us about German Autolabs’ plans for CES 2020?

We will be there with the team once again. This time we will have no demo car though, since Chris is staying at home. Instead, we’ll bring something really exciting: our brand new platform-agnostic and automotive-ready client stack. What this essentially means is that this CES, we’ll be able to demonstrate how our mobile assistant runs seamlessly in the head unit of a car.

Q: What are you most excited about at CES 2020?

CES is always such a buzz. I’ve been attending for 15 years now and it constantly grows bigger and bigger. Having added automotive technology 7 years ago, it's now one of the most important shows for the future of mobility. It's also so great to see all the people again that I’ve known for so many years. It's a family gathering really.

Q: Last year we saw that in-car voice assistance dominated the conversation at CES. What theme do you think will emerge as the hot topic for 2020?

I really think it will still be voice AI. People underestimate how early we are in this technology and, relatively speaking, how few people are actually using it day by day. So alongside the enduring CES themes like the next generation of smartphone, new camera tech and the hottest new consumer drones, voice AI will continue to be the talk of town. The battle between Amazon and Google to advertise their assistants is going to be a sight to behold in itself!

Holger G. Weiss

Q: Any hot tips for new technologies or products that you’re looking forward to getting your hands on at CES?

To be honest, I don't know – that's the downside of the show. You have so many meetings and spend so much time in traffic that it can be difficult to just walk around and hunt for the latest trends. One technology I find interesting is the foldable screen. This, for me, is a really big thing. In many cases the smartphone screen is just too small when it comes to certain use cases, like Excel sheets. Soon you’ll be able to fold out your regular mobile screen to a desktop screen size – amazing. *

Q: And finally, who are you most looking forward to meeting / hear speaking at CES?

Actually, no one in particular – I’m simply looking forward to speaking to all our fellow tech enthusiasts, learning a lot of new things and hopefully also managing to have a good laugh, which I’m sure will be very possible... See you in Las Vegas!

Rory Dickenson
Rory Dickenson
Senior Copywriter

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