Kickstarter: It’s not about the money

May 16, 2017
Svenja Borgschulte

When you launch your product on Kickstarter, the hope is always to raise the money you are asking for. Thanks to our backers we raised more than $ 300,000 and overshot our goal by over 550%. But more importantly, we wanted to build a wonderful community. We did just that.

Our Kickstarter campaign was funded in just 8 hours. The Super Early Bird for the first 250 backers encouraged the community to get involved early on in our Kickstarter project. But aside from that, the number of backers and the community grew more and more. So there must have been a bigger reason for it than this special offer: People genuinely want Chris!

United in diversity

The number of backers confirm that there is a sweeping global need for a digital co-driver, which is able to make your driving safer. While we were primarily targeting the German, US and UK market, many pledges came from all over the world. Here is our Top 10:

  1. Germany
  2. USA
  3. UK
  4. Canada
  5. United Arab Emirates
  6. Australia
  7. Singapore
  8. Netherlands
  9. Austria
  10. India

But there are still many more, e.g. Brazil, New Zealand, Denmark or Indonesia. A total of 57 countries. People share the same driving needs worldwide and we have the solution.

Added global shipment on request

Our original plan was to limit shipment to the US, CA and EU - just because we got so much feedback from other campaigns to avoid distraction and focus on delivering the project (not building global shipment capabilities). But because of the ongoing, very nice requests and due to the fact that our friends from Senic (LINK) pointed us towards a solid global shipment provider, we decided to add a limited amount of the “Global Early Bird” during the campaign and ship Chris everywhere. But our backers are not only diverse in their nationality: for example 85.5 percent of our backers are between 25 and 54 years old. One third were totally new to Kickstarter, the others had backed some projects before, some are pro’s. They live in big metropolises, smaller cities and suburbs, all over the world. But in the end, Chris connects them all.

Top 5 Questions asked throughout the campaign

Diverse people have diverse ideas. We’ve received a lot of questions about Chris and many ideas for extensions. The most common question was

“How can I receive an additional car mount for Chris?”

“Is my country also covered for navigation?”

  • Yes, every major country on each continent  is fully navigable, smaller ones at least with major roads.

“Are there more languages planned?”

  • Yes, of course.

A lot of people asked aboutintegrating a Dashcam to Chris

  • Nice idea, was in the original project but we paused it to focus on speed in execution - will bring it back later.

And the best question so far: “Can we use Chris as an assistant outside the car? Like office or home?”

  • Of course you can still talk to Chris while in the office or at home, but this might raise some eyebrows.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more part of the ordinary life and people are welcoming it. Finally we reviewed all questions and the answers to them - make sure to check our FAQ if you have a question in mind.

The Kings of the Road

And yes, there are people that can’t get enough of Chris. Four people took the “Fleet” with ten devices. And we also sold both of our limited “King of the road”, which includes two devices, an own wakeword and meeting the team. A great experience for those two backers and a big chance for us to get in touch with our backers and build a deeper connection.

Next stop: deliver the goods

Last but not least: We received a lot of feedback, objections and suggestions surrounding Chris. We will now consider every one of them to best understand how we can improve on Chris with the help of our excellent community.

Svenja Borgschulte
Svenja Borgschulte
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