Tech and business press are sharing our vision of an AI-driven digital co-driver

November 22, 2016
Daniel Mieves
Holger and Patrick, founders of German Autolabs

The heat is on, we secured our first seed investment of 2m Euro. The weeks following the official press release on November 2nd have seen an incredible amount of hard work and commitment. We are extremely proud that our vision of building an AI-powered digital co-driver for a safer and smarter mobility experience has resonated so strongly with the tech and business press. Here are a few examples of press coverage.

Intelligent co-driver-bot

“Millions for the developers of an intelligent co-driver-bot”, read the headline of an article in Manager Magazin. Our CEO Holger (pictured on the left above) explained in the article the problem so many drivers have nowadays: “People are using their smartphones while driving because there is simply not relevant technology available that connects you easily and intuitively to your digital lives. This is largely because existing solutions lack the required intelligence.” The solution: “Only an intelligent software solution equipped with state-of-the-art speech recognition technology will allow drivers to benefit from apps and content, turning each car into a connected car,” stated Holger during the interview with Manager Magazin.

Indispensable to any driver

Driverless cars are on the horizon but for now we still need to be focused and in control when behind the wheel, added “The likes of Alexa and Siri have made speech recognition the norm for many Smartphone users and this can be applied to the car”, said our Chief Product Officer Patrick. He continues: “Our product is a digital co-driver that - like GPS navigation was ten years ago - will soon be indispensable to any driver.”

Not everyone drives a Tesla

Berliner Morgenpost highlighted the important wealth of experience our CEO Holger G. Weiss gained from being one of the first employees of Gate 5 - today known as HERE and his role as CEO of the streaming music start-up AUPEO!.While HERE has seen a huge amount of success recently, having been acquired by three premium German car manufacturers Audi, BMW and Daimler while AUPEO! has been acquired by Panasonic. The article also mentioned that “distraction-free and reliable assistance systems with voice control are currently only available in upper class vehicles such as the ones previously mentioned. However not everyone drives a Tesla or BMW.”

Safely check emails and use smartphone apps

The publication Berliner Zeitung (print) shared Holger´s vision that in 15 years autonomous vehicles would be part of everyone's daily lives. In the future everyone would become a passenger. The car would drive itself and people could enjoy reading, watching videos or playing games. But until then, drivers should be able to safely check emails and use smartphone apps while driving.

Other coverage included Gründerszene, Deutsche Startups, Mergermarket (paid investor´s newsletter), and a fact check from Autobild (print) among others.

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