The world is united by the same problems

April 13, 2017
Holger G. Weiss

Halftime! The first two weeks of our Kickstarter campaign are over. It’s about time we reflect on the journey so far.

First off, a  massive thank you to all our backers. You are fantastic and we feel honored by the support we’ve received so far for our first product Chris - your digital co-driver. In only 8 hours we reached the funding goal and, as of today, the campaign is over 400+ percent pledged. Of course, the journey doesn't stop here. We will work harder than ever for the second half as Chris needs to grow and grow.

Valuable feedback from the community

Even if the campaign were to end today, it would already be a huge success. People genuinely want Chris, and many understand the need for it. Honestly, that's the best part of running a crowdfunding campaign - getting all that valuable feedback from an engaged community.

How to handle abbreviations in text messages, adding a 2x USB charger, making sure the display has a night mode and works in brightest desert sunlight, many requests for more apps, services and languages - and these are just some examples. Now, we are building the final product together with the awesome help of our backers. We collected so much great input and even if we cannot consider all ideas immediately, we will consider them in upcoming versions.

Strong interest from the automotive industry

We also receive a lot of interest from many corporations who are interested in how we can collaborate. Of course, there is strong interest from the automotive industry, but also insurance companies, electronics corporations or mobile network operators see how much sense Chris makes to drivers. They are curious about the underlying technology, our vision of Artificial Intelligence in Automotive and the challenges that lie ahead. Some work in similar directions and see the great benefit a product can get from crowdfunding. However, for liability and legal reasons their legal teams did not approve. Those are the moments when you feel that a startup with an incredibly close-knit, small and passionate team really can make a difference.

Global demand

Another thing we learned from the campaign is that people all over the world have the same issues. You maybe would think that Chris would trigger excitement mainly in more developed countries, because that’s where fines for using  a phone while driving are already in place.

But we see many backers also from countries with another level of infrastructure and different income structures, from Saudi-Arabia to the Philippines and India. This means a strong motivation to extend the number of languages as soon as Chris is launched. We also will work hard to implement more features and create product variations to create a range of hardware to choose from.  

Join us now – this is only the beginning!

It’s only halftime of the crowdfunding campaign and we are 110%  motivated and encouraged by all the feedback and support,  yet challenges still lie ahead. To cope with them, we hope that we can grow the team with the best people we can find. So, if you know some smart brains or you feel yourself excited about our journey, please connect with us on LinkedIn or check our job postings.

This is  just the beginning!

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