Fleet Products

Voice tools for professional drivers.

Whether your business is parcel fulfilment, long haul operations or mobile sales and service teams, our Fleet products bring augmented voice AI experiences to the world of transport and logistics.

Last Mile

Parcel fulfilment specialists choose Last Mile to augment their drivers with intelligent voice assistance. With features including SafePlace, NextJob and RouteBriefing, Last Mile tackles core KPIs and improves driver safety, productivity and UX.

Long Haul

Long Haul delivers a safer and smarter driver experience for fleet managers overseeing long distance operations and logistics. Intelligent voice features are tailor made to tackle your core KPIs and improve compliance, real time data access and on-the-road dispatch communications.

Sales & Service

For many fleets, mobile access to mission-critical client data can be transformative to business. Prepare for important meetings, update the CRM, and maximise time spent behind the wheel with our Sales & Service voice interface layer.


Last Mile: NextJob

Voice assistance makes deliveries easier for driver, recipient and dispatcher.

How it works.

On the front end, a range of specially-developed technologies capture intent, from Beamforming to detect user direction, to Acoustic Echo Cancellation allowing for barge-in capabilities. The back end does the heavy lifting, where our unparalleled proprietary automotive Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) and Dialog System (DS) provides assistance to drivers for smarter, safer journeys.

What People Say.

“Why is ‘Chris’ so important? Because the A-Team (Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Alibaba) has made it clear to automakers that they won’t be segregating or shielding vehicle-based digital assistant users from broader customer aggregation activities. The drivers of cars who may use Alexa, Google Voice and the rest will be subject to the broader customer acquisition objectives.”

Roger Lanctot, Director of Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics
Strategy Analytics

Why German Autolabs?

Customizable, easy to deploy and industry-tailored for global fleets. Our offline-capable platform delivers intelligent voice assistance for a next-gen experience – designed by driver for drivers.  

Device Agnostic

  • Runs on mobile devices and IVI platforms.
  • Portable to all hardware platforms incl. retrofit.
  • Open to cloud APIs, telematics, OBD II, etc.

Mission Critical

  • Tackle mission critical fleet management KPIs.
  • Voice assistant trained to your use cases – fleet by fleet.
  • Driver-focused voice UX and graphical interfaces.

Cost Effective

  • Modular architecture permits quick deployments.
  • Mobile power maximises ROI and reduces cost to implement.
  • Easy over-the-air updates with app infrastructure.

Stay informed.

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