Embedded Bluetooth Software Developer

The way we will be mobile is facing a fundamental shift. Autonomous driving cars, constant connectivity, digital lifestyle.

German Autolabs is a Berlin based technology company focussing on the future of the car. We build products and services to support this exciting evolution by using technology and making it more human. We will make driving safer and smarter.

We are developing a highly advanced assistant device, implementing cutting edge Bluetooth technology. We go beyond what Bluetooth devices normally do, achieving new levels of usability and convenience.

We are looking for you, a Classic Bluetooth specialist, to join our team. You are bringing hands-on experience working on Bluetooth device implementations, integrating profiles for nonstandard use cases. You have source level experience with one or more Bluetooth stack implementations. You have proven that you understand the ins and outs of the Bluetooth protocol on all layers, have solved difficult issues on multiple platforms, and know your tools - Sniffer and analyzer - by heart. You also understand the user’s perspective and have a desire to make things work beautifully.

You will join a world class team, where your responsibilities include the implementation of Bluetooth based features, improving the user experience of Bluetooth, and ensuring the best possible compatibility experience for our users.

What you will do

  • Work on the profile implementations in the Bluetooth stack
  • Ensure compatibility with a wide range of Bluetooth audio and BLE equipment
  • Work on audio profiles and BLE GATT profiles
  • Work on general connection and usability projects

Your profile

  • Excellent coding and debugging skills
  • In-depth development or integration work with Bluetooth Audio profiles (A2DP, AVRCP, HFP)
  • In-depth experience in Bluetooth diagnostics
  • Experience working with Cypress WICED stack, integrating profiles for a shipping product

What we offer:

  • Location: Central Berlin
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits
  • Work Authorisation assistance
  • Relocation assistance can be negotiated

Ready to go on the ride of your life?

This role can not be performed remotely, please apply only if you are in Berlin or are willing to move to Berlin. No recruiters, headhunters, outsourcers or agencies.
German Autolabs