AI goes Automotive

We are building Chris, the first digital co-driver to create a safer and smarter mobility experience for everyone.

Making technology more human

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Our digital age is defined by a constant stream of information. We believe that a supportive Artificial Intelligence will make technology more efficient by helping us sort through the clutter to pinpoint the information you need.
Internet of Things
The concept of a car requires an update for the digital age. We believe that making cars smart through cloud-driven services breathes new life into the metal on wheels, creating a new tool for our information society.
natural language voice control
Natural Language
With technology evolving at the speed of light we need radical new interface concepts to keep the pace. We believe that our natural language voice control and recognition is the most universal interface on the planet.
Driving with a friend
Our first product Chris is now available for Pre-Order!
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About German Autolabs

German Autolabs is a Berlin-based technology startup developing IoT (internet-of-things) solutions. We are working on the world´s first digital co-driver to make the driving experience more pleasant, safe and human.

We are a team of automotive experts, experienced entrepreneurs and developers utilizing state of the art software technologies, interaction methods and artificial intelligence with an overview from product design and consumer marketing specialists. Our founders Holger G. Weiss (former CEO at Aupeo) and Patrick Weissert (former Director Consumer at HERE) bring over 30+ years of experience centered on the Automotive & Connected Car industry.

Together we are building cutting-edge solutions and services that will shape the mobility of the future.

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