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Our Products

Make your voice heard.

German Autolabs is a pioneer in automotive voice AI. Our full stack platform is an entirely customizable conversational assistance solution for the mobility sector. Leverage deep domain knowledge and bypass lengthy development cycles to build groundbreaking voice products.
German Autolabs | Automotive


Consumer-tested and commercially-proven VPA platform powered by a mobile stack. Does not require expensive in-vehicle computing platforms. Out-the-box functionality with next-gen performance.

  • End-to-end voice stack
  • Contextual dialogue management: Voice, Gesture, GUI, Phone Events
  • Hybrid Cloud / Embedded
  • Assistant service arbitration
  • Proprietary Automotive ASR and NLU
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Cutting edge in-car Human Machine Interface for client telematics services, FMS and sales & service applications. White-label, commercially-proven voice assistant platform supporting dedicated commercial use cases.

  • Aftermarket ready, premium hardware, easily embeddable
  • Hybrid, fully offline-capable
  • Integrated bespoke telematics and FMS
  • Key infotainment services out-the-box: Calls, Messaging, Music, Navigation.
  • Enterprise Application Integration for sales & service
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German Autolabs | Fleet
German Autolabs | SDK


For hardware specialists wanting to provide a voice assistant solution to the automotive aftermarket. Consumer-tested, commercially-proven, white-label capable and easily-embeddable technology.

  • Consumer tested, ready to market, automotive optimized voice assistant
  • White-label capable
  • Full-scale navigation included
  • Readily integrable open source device SW
  • Continuously expanding services set & UX
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Chris is the first digital assistant made for drivers. Safely operate your phone by voice and gesture while driving: messaging, navigation, calls and music. Chris lets you keep your eyes on the road.

  • Aftermarket-ready premium hardware
  • Supports Android and iOS
  • Ready for sale in key markets
  • Consumer tested, retrofit automotive optimized voice assistant
  • Hybrid, fully offline-capable
  • Continuously expanding services & UX
  • iF Design Award 2019 winner
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Chris, the first digital assistant for drivers

What the press say.

Our Platform

Our products are built on four core technologies.

The Automotive Voice Assistance platform is built on four unique core technology competencies. Easy to implement and always up-to-date, we provide the tools necessary to get on the street faster than ever before, bypassing traditional automotive development cycles to rapidly iterate key AI and Natural Language Processing models.
voice assistant

Voice Assistant

  • End-to-end voice stack
  • Contextual dialogue management: Voice, Gesture, GUI, Phone Events
  • Hybrid Cloud / Embedded
  • Assistant service arbitration
  • Proprietary automotive ASR and NLU
  • Sensor I/O
driver assistance

Driver Assistance

  • Real time safety feed, context-aware
  • SAFE index predicts driver cognitive demands
  • Proactively reduces distracted driving
  • Live hazard warnings, speed camera alerts, parking spots etc.
  • Historic traffic data and live source input: speed, journey time, eco-score etc.



  • Permanent data collection
  • Extensive real world training database
  • Traffic data, geodata, driver behavior
  • Full scale analytics
  • Automated learning and human annotation
  • Fully GDPR compliant


  • Reference hardware design
  • Device-level software management
  • Proprietary firmware stack
  • Biggest connected fleet on the road
  • Architecture demonstrator
  • Commercially available

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German Autolabs’ Automotive Voice Assistance platform combines deep domain expertise with the largest connected fleet on the road. Find out how our products lead the field in automotive voice technology.
The AVA Platform

The Blog.

Our thoughts on everything from voice assistance for fleets to the latest in tech news.

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