Logistics voice assistance for mobile workers.

German Autolabs boosts last-mile logistics through voice assistance for delivery staff and mobile workers, supporting existing workflows. Efficiency, quality of work and road safety increase, and the training time for new employees is reduced.

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German Autolabs’ solutions are based on a unique voice platform with sophisticated Software Development Kits which combine industry-proven skills with 3rd party databases to quickly take your core business to the next level.

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Device agnostic assistance from smartphone to IVI
Device agnostic assistance from smartphone to IVI


Powerful implementations of our voice assistant solutions, tried-and-tested on the street.

Last mile parcel delivery van

Parcel Assistant

The competitive edge for last mile parcel delivery. Proactive voice support for increased performance and service quality for delivery and pickup.

Bicycle courier delivery

Courier Assistant

Voice powers for urban couriers, focused on delivery specifics, integrated route guidance and voice note recordings for each delivery address.

Logistics dispatch headset

Dispatch Assistant

A new era of communication between dispatcher and driver: automated chatbot dialogs, real time translation and full transparency on every route.


Case studies

Voice-enhanced last-mile delivery from the largest operators in international logistics.

Parcel Assistant embedded in Volkswagen

Last Mile voice assistant for DHL Parcel UK

We teamed up with DHL Parcel UK and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to build and test a, in-vehicle voice assistant for delivery drivers. The result: drivers spent less time looking at their scanner and are more effective in delivery.


Voice-enabled newspaper delivery app for SWMH

The delivery of more than 1m newspapers every night is the core business for Südwestdeutsche Medienholding, one of Germany’s largest media houses. With the Digital Delivery Book app, this work is finally becoming fully digital.

Coming soon

Safer order acceptance for time-critical transports with Cito

Time-critical transports by independent transport service partners are the offer of Cito, a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles company. Together, we have transformed the acceptance of incoming jobs into simple dialogs - simple and safe.

Coming soon

Build your own solution

Choose the ready-made skills that suit your business and quickly launch a voice assistance solution that makes a difference.

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Why Voice?

Voice assistance is hands-free, powerful and intuitive. Our technology empowers mobile workers, making them more efficient and productive. 


Our NLP tools are easy to use and integrate, allowing you to quickly build voice assistants that tackle KPIs and give workforces a competitive edge.

Bicycle courier voice workflow


Trusted by the world’s largest logistics groups. Proven to make a difference where it matters most: empowering people on the move with intelligent assistance.

Parcel delivery voice assistant vehicle


Lean and device agnostic, from smartphone to scanner. Offline-capable technology means work doesn’t stop when the connection drops.

voice assistant for logistics


Take what you want, leave what you don’t need. Our solutions are fully customisable. Create your own Solution or let us build it with you.


Voice assistance moves 10% more parcels. The right info at the right time makes all the difference.

Service quality

Voice assistance reduces delivery complaints by 50%. Delivery instructions can no longer be overlooked.


Voice assistance helps new employees. Active support on the job brings beginners to full workload faster.

Last Mile delivery drivers have to juggle a lot of tasks. They need to make sure that the parcels they have been trusted with will be delivered fast, flexible and reliable. German Autolabs builds next-gen voice assistance solutions for professional drivers, which we integrated into a VW Crafter.

Artur Hasselbach, Head of New Business Development,
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
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