German Autolabs Voice SDKDevice agnostic assistance from smartphone to IVI

GA Voice SDK

At the heart of German Autolabs is a unique and versatile voice Software Development Kit which powers our assistance solutions for transport and logistics. Powerful, customizable and easy to configure.

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How it works

Made for logistics with proprietary tech and IP based on years of voice assistance experience in dynamic mobile environments.

German Autolabs SDK language platform

German Autolabs SDK

Based on a modular C++ framework, the GA SDK offers all the features of a full-fledged language platform.

German Autolabs Voice Assistant skills layer


Ready-made modules and preconfigured skills plus data interfaces make building assistants child’s play.

Operating system compatibility


Compatible with all common platforms, assistants can be rolled out as standalone apps or integrated into existing systems.

Unique technology

Existing technologies combine in a lean stack with exchangeable components, integrated test setups and clear documentation.

Command line

Easy testing

Instant voice testing on both desktop and mobile testing environments allows for rapid assistant sanity checks, development and iteration of language models.

Natural language processing models

Language models

We understand logistics specific abbreviations and vocabulary that are simply not available with off-the-shelf commercial assistance stacks.

YAML configs automatic generation

YAML configs

Transparent, simple to read and edit but incredibly powerful. Includes automatic .yaml generation for times when you don’t want to get your hands dirty.


Full stack

A complete ASR > TTS > NLU stack housed in state of the art interfaces. Our developers make voice assistance easy for others to work with.

We Build It

The German Autolabs team includes developers, NLP experts, AI data scientists and voice UX technologists with decades of combined experience in voice assistance development. Our clients include global logistics providers requiring solutions across multiple languages from German to Japanese. We have a proven track record in successfully tackling logistics KPIs and improving quality of service. Lets work together.

Uniquely experienced team

Tried and tested technology

Fully customizable Solutions

Quick to deploy and iterate

Logistics-specific vocabulary

You Build It

Our SDK offers complete flexibility so that you can engineer a Solution to fit your business in-house. We can be on hand to support you at every step of the way, with documentation that has been carefully written and clearly presented, and a development team with the know-how to answer any questions that might arise. Our voice assistance tools are changing the face of logistics. Start building yours today.

Build it in-house

Best in class support

Total modular flexibility

Deep and clear documentation

Platform and device agnostic




Augment workflows with instructive conversational powers. Increase service quality and maximise your existing data sets.

Voice-enabled workflow optimization

Increase efficiency, safety and quality of work

Multi-modal solution with predefined skills

Adjustable to all use cases from transport and logistics

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Understand intents and unlock the power of unused data with enhanced voice assistance workflow augmentation.

Voice-enabled real-time data annotation on-the-go

Updates and verification of existing data sets

Marking of data sets for internal review

Opening hours, access codes, delivery instructions, etc.

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AI-powered automated conversational workflows with real-time translation and context extraction in 32 languages.

Seamless driver-dispatch communication by voice

Automated intent extraction and dialogue modeling

Adjustable combination of chat, speech and one-to-many

Truly multilingual through real-time translation

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