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Hey Chris.

Meet Chris, the digital assistant made for drivers. Connect your phone to the award-winning retrofit hardware and safely operate your apps by voice and gesture while driving: WhatsApp and SMS messaging, navigation, hands-free calls and music. Keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone.
Hybrid, fully offline-capable
Hybrid, fully offline-capable
Key infotainment services out-the-box
Key infotainment services out-the-box
Privacy: user data stays on user smartphones
Privacy: user data stays on user smartphones
Continuously expanding services and UI / UX
Continuously expanding services and UI / UX
Chris, the digital assistant for drivers

Digital assistant for drivers

Distracted driving is dangerous driving – Chris links to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can put your smartphone away. Chris lets you send or reply to SMS and WhatsApp messages, make calls, navigate turn-by-turn and play music without ever having to touch your phone.


  • Aftermarket-ready premium hardware
  • Works with iOS and Android
  • Consumer tested, automotive optimized voice assistant
  • Hybrid, fully offline capable
  • iF Design Award 2019 winner
Chris Highlights

Automotive Voice Assistance

Chris is German Autolab´s signature retrofit hardware powered by the Automotive Voice Assistance platform. On sales in key European markets, Chris bypasses automotive development cycles by leveraging deep domain knowledge of driver behavior through the biggest connected fleet on the road. Futureproof your brand and focus on your core business with German Autolabs.


What people say.

“Why is Chris so important? Because the A-Team (Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Alibaba) has made it clear to automakers that they won’t be segregating or shielding vehicle-based digital assistant users from broader customer aggregation activities. The drivers of cars who may use Alexa, Google Voice and the rest will be subject to the broader customer acquisition objectives.”

Roger Lanctot, Director of Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics
Strategy Analytics

Award-winning hardware.

For most people, the car is the continuation of the home: a personal space where the stress of the day evaporates.

With this in mind, we wanted Chris to look and feel special. Chris has a timeless design, with a color-rich TFT screen mounted into a CNC-milled aluminium bezel. Inspiration for Chris’ circular form came from classic sports car instrument design. Refined technology that integrates seamlessly into any car.

Unconnected cars on the road in Europe


Average age of cars on the road in Europe


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German Autolabs’ Automotive Voice Assistance platform combines deep domain expertise with the largest connected fleet on the road. Find out how our products lead the field in automotive voice technology.
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