Cito and German Autolabs pilot intelligent voice assistant for transport partners

Berlin, May 30, 2022 – Cito, the young software transport company of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, announces its cooperation with German Autolabs, a specialist for voice-controlled assistance solutions for logistics. As part of an initial pilot project, Cito's driver app will be enhanced with an integrated voice assistant from German Autolabs. The new voice function will be tested in an initial field test on the streets of Berlin before the end of summer 2022.

Cito's driver app will be enhanced with an integrated voice assistant from German Autolabs.

For Dr. Gregor Stock, Co-Founder and CEO of Cito, the cooperation with German Autolabs is a perfect match: "Our goal is not only to offer our customers the best transport service but always to give our transport partners the best tool for their everyday life. It quickly became clear to us that voice assistants make our drivers' everyday work much easier, enabling them to process transport orders quickly, safely and stress-free. German Autolabs is the ideal partner for us for the pilot project - they are an absolute pioneer in the digitalization of the transport industry. The collaboration also brings us another step closer to our goal at Cito: to develop the best Customer Journey on the market for time-critical transport."

Cito's free driver app is aimed at transport partners and their courier drivers. Using the voice assistant, it will be possible to accept new transport requests or clarify queries about orders without having to operate the smartphone by hand. The drivers are thus safe on the road and at the same time remain integrated into the digital work processes.

Holger G. Weiss, Co-Founder and CEO of German Autolabs, also sees enormous potential in the digitalization of logistics processes: "We now encounter voice assistants everywhere in everyday life, and logically now also in professional use cases. Our years of experience allow us to be able to make workflows in last-mile logistics more efficient and secure. As a digital pioneer in express logistics, Cito is the ideal partner for us to make the daily work of drivers significantly easier with our offline-capable, intuitive voice assistance."

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