Route planning with voice assistant: Digital co-driver for professionals at the wheel

Berlin, January 11, 2021 - gts supports large CEP service providers, perishable logistics companies and waste management companies with their route optimization software, TransIT. Drivers receive precise visual delivery information on their display via a telematics connection, from pick-up to last mile. Now, thanks to a new partnership with deep tech startup German Autolabs, a voice assistant for professional drivers is being added, which proactively and multilingually announces the information from TransIT and answers driver questions. Delivery processes thus become even more efficient, safer and less error-prone.

The combination of the route planning software TransIT and the voice assistant for professional drivers by German Autolabs.

While David Hasselhoff's Knight Rider K.I.T.T. and Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S. are still Hollywood visions of the future, drivers of fleets with gts software will soon be on the road with a real voice assistant for professionals. The digital co-driver specializes in the last mile – the journey from the vehicle to the customer's front door. Core information such as delivery address and time window, as well as special delivery features, are taken from the route management and the logistics data base, put into contact with each other and announced shortly before the next stop. The driver is therefore prepared for the next stop without having to look at the display while driving.

Voice assistance makes routes safer and more efficient

For over 20 years, gts has been using digital route planning software to meet the daily requirements of a wide range of industries. TransIT users can automatically create optimized solutions for complex routes, for example dealing with regional traffic. The new partner, the young tech company German Autolabs from Berlin, specializes in voice assistance for professional drivers, especially in car and truck fleets. By using speech in combination with screens, drivers have fewer visual distractions, which makes routes not only safer but also more efficient. New drivers or replacements during rush hours benefit especially from being proactively guided through a potentially unfamiliar route.

"Tight stops in different industries require directly available information for the driver. This information is now passed on to them in real time via voice assistance. The technology also works offline and is designed for professional drivers in terms of intelligence and speech understanding. Our partnership with German Autolabs is an investment in the future of logistics," explains Sascha Egener, Head of Partner Account Management at gts.

"The cooperation with gts generates important synergies," explains Holger G. Weiss, founder of German Autolabs. "gts' customer base consists of companies that we also want to address with our AI assistance system, whether they are fresh produce logistics companies, CEP service providers or companies from the waste management industry. By working with such an experienced company, we can together meet the challenges of today's tours even more efficiently".

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